Xeraya Research (2018-2019)

Xeraya Capital Sdn Bhd
is a VC and PE investor
financing the future
of life sciences globally.

Xeraya Research (2018-2019)

Since 2018, we have been actively involved in enhancing Xeraya Capital’s presence online, particularly on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The focal point of our works was to introduce Xeraya’s core competency in identifying current industry trends when it comes to healthcare, medical technology, biopharmaceutical, etc.

Every month, the core topics of interests are compiled and presented in three different mediums: articles and slides presentations (for SEO purposes) as well as infographics (one pager visual packed with key figures and points of information).


SlideShare Presentations

We developed SlideShare presentations to boost Xeraya’s visibility within the knowledge community. It allows visually engaging and informative slides to be shared online without the need for users to download the presentation. These slides are accessible across all platforms and are compatible with most popular browsers.


One-Pager Infographics

Infographics were designed for Xeraya to be easy-to-read one-pager visuals that are packed with key data points of information, represented using iconography and figures. They are geared towards audiences who desire byte-sized information and vital facts regarding a particular topic.


Written Articles

We develop and upload articles onto LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, mostly for the purpose of SEO. Every topic of choice was carefully researched, with each piece of information and data being backed by multiple sources. LinkedIn articles are geared towards those who enjoy reading for more in-depth information.


For more examples of Xeraya’s research content, visit their Knowledgebase at www.xeraya.com