UDA Holdings Website

UDA Holdings Bhd
is a leading land and
property developer.

Rejuvenating an online presence

UDA Holdings is a leading land and property developer active in the residential, commercial, leisure and facilities management sectors. As they have continued to expand and grow, they realised they needed a new brand style and message that combined a rich heritage with a modern, sleek aesthetic.

Working closely with UDA, we developed the message that “UDA is the journey and the destination”. We continued this theme into the website with a cutting edge, experiential horizontal parallax scrolling website that uses a carefully chosen colour palette of gold and mono-chrome.

The new site elegantly demonstrates the impressive breadth and depth of UDA’s business interests – something the firm was keen to express – while also conveying both their legacy and their forward looking, modern approach.

Experience it for yourself at: www.uda.com.my